The Bubbles Sales Policy

Bubbles the artist has a unique sales policy that enables many people who otherwise could not afford to buy authentic original 100% handpainted canvas boards to do just that. The paintings you see here on this wonderful wide world web art site are all First Editions and owned personally by Bubbles the artist. If you see something you like, Bubbles will paint you a Limited Edition copy. The more popular a painting, the more owners it has. In fact, many Bubbles connoisseurs collect her canvas boards like others do Bubble gum cards. Ms. Lily Tomlin, for example, owns 10 canvas boards (and counting) and shares many of the same paint strokes with the likes of Mr./Ms. RuPaul , the charming Zappa family, and many other adorable folk too numerous to mention here. When you purchase a painting, your name joins the many satisfied Bubbles fans who own the same piece of work and are listed in the "By Owner" section of the Bubbles' catalog page.

----------------A statement from Bubbles the artist:
"I, Bubbles the artist, love to paint my paintings over and over again! It allows me to feel closer to my subjects, remembering minute details that made these friendships so special. As opposed to my initial impression- Herb had brunette hair-, the more often I paint Herb I start recalling deeper things about him- Herb's brown hair had little flakes of dandruff in it and sometimes smelled . I do not incorporate these truths into my limited editions, however, preferring instead to stick to and perfect my original interpretation. I want to assure you that each and every canvas board is handcrafted by me, Bubbles the artist, and, as such, is an authentic, genuine piece of Bubblesart."

Ownership of a lovely canvas board ensures that Bubbles the artist will keep you personally informed of all sales, events and other 'happenings' in her life.

All canvas boards will be shipped Priority Mail, insured, and sales tax will be added if you live in the state of California. Payment must be received within 10 days of sale.

Happy shopping!

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