Paintings By Owner!

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to each of the following patrons of my art! You can see snap shots of many of these fine canvas board enthusiasts just moments before they scribed "Bubbles the artist" on their checks at my first ever Art Auction Blow-Out Sale Party.

Lily Tomlin owns:

Still Life - Liverwurst and Coke

Still Life - lovely peanut butter on celery canapes

Howie Zelnick - Rhythm Guitar

Too Much Wah Wah

I Was Sunbathing When Frank Came Over Unannounced

The Beauty Jungle

Frances Was Too Large For Her Dress

Wading Beauties

The Funsters Of Zurah Temple

Lula's Sunday Routine
Click on any one of these lovely paintings to see a larger version of any one of these lovely paintings.