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Yogi Barbara



"Yogi Barbara"

Barbara Sussman used to be nervous about everything, down to the fact that her pet turtle Marty might not be getting enough vitamins from those little cans of flakes. One summer her gardener, Mr. Aslahi, took her to an Indian meditation garden on the county line to see if the flora vegetating there might be something she'd want him to plant around her barbecue pit. She not only fell in love with the plant, but with the idea of twisting her arms, legs and mind into meditative bliss. She hired Mr. Aslahi to turn the barbecue pit into a reflecting pool, as well as to move the bulk of her furniture into the attic so she can spend her time contorting on her Persian rugs. Barbara is the most peaceful person I know other than she still likes to watch professional wrestling on TV because she likes how the men look in their costumes. This painting is a tidy 8" x 10" and is acrylic paint on canvas board.


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