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"Still Cute After All These Years"

Katelyn and Ralph hadn't spoken since junior year. He was captain of the fencing team and she almost made the cheerleading squad all four years of high school. They actually met at her Uncle George's wake. Ralph was the nephew of George's manicurist. They dated a few times but Katelyn broke out in a rash every time Ralph grazed her skin with his fledgling beard. When he refused to shave they broke up. To my knowledge, Ralph hasn't shaved to this day, this painting being a record of the sum total of secondary hair on his body. As this painting further attests to, the paucity of his follicles don't seem to be too much of a problem to Katelyn now. Tastefully sized at 14" x 18", this artwork is painted with paint - acrylic! - on a firm canvas board.


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