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"Honey Thigh"

This girl was a trained dancer and went on to become a very popular Jazzercise instructor with her Thelonius Disco class. She loved to eat, but would only gain weight on one side (not counting her hair!), which led us to believe she had a glandular problem. But Honey (that was her name) insisted that wasn't the case and it's just the way nature created her. I actually don't think her appendage was as big as I remember, but when I think of Honey, I can't help thinking of that thigh. If my paintings were ever to be in a museum, this one would be especially valuable as I was so exhausted by the time I finished painting Honey's thigh, I misspelled my name. This artwork is 9" x 12", not too big, not too small. It is paint - acrylic! - applied to canvas board.


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