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11 x 14

"Francis Was Too Large For Her Dress"

Francis married a cattleman and attended many fancy events as the bride of the owner of Acme Meat By-Products. Francis never wore the same dress twice and designers in the tri-county area would fight for the right to clothe her. Here she is at the "Hind Cuts Ball" (the irony that that was really the name of the event is not lost on this artist!). I'd like to think that Frances was dressing conceptually, but that was not the case. Her daughter, Mamie, sewed this as part of her Home Economics final and Frances was just trying to make her feel good by wearing it. Although Mamie made the gown knee length, Frances' girth hoisted it into a mini. The girth of this painting is 11" x 14". It is painted with acrylic on a firm canvas board.

P.S. - I had to charge more for this one because of the extra glitter and foil bow APPLIQUÉ!! work.


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